Unified digital risk protection

Doppel syncs bi-directionally to your existing security tools, so you can leverage your team and systems to detect and takedown threats faster.

Diagram of how Doppel works with your current security tech stack

Find and remediate threats in emerging channels


Comprehensive threat protection

Secure your online presence with faster takedowns

Doppel offers best in class, automated takedowns across social media, domains, apps, telco, paid ads, and ecommerce. Our processes for capturing proper evidence of infringements enables Doppel to have high success rates and faster takedowns than other solutions.


success rate for takedowns

Find bad actors and with honeypots and proactively protect your organization

Doppel uses a network of sophisticated honeypots across email, dark web, and social media to act as digital decoys. These traps attract cybercriminals, revealing their tactics and attempts to target you. This proactive approach enables us to identify threats before they strike and initiate swift takedowns, keeping your organization safe. Doppel’s omni-channel approach to honeypots enables us to catch more threats.


Cost to launch an AI-generated campaign at scale

↑ 28%

Increase in susceptibility in falling for a cybercrime from 2022 to 2023

Go beyond reporting abuse – prevent future phishing attacks

Endpoint solutions can block spam and malicious emails from teaching the inbox, but don’t actually stop the account from sending more malicious emails – with new techniques that could circumvent current filters. Connect Doppel to your endpoint solution and takedown malicious email accounts proactively.


Cybercrime starts with phishing


Phishing attacks in 2023 – the worst year on record for cybercrime


Keep pace with attackers.

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Extensive coverage of every digital channel

Detect phishing scams on websites, social media, mobile app stores, gaming platforms, paid ads, the dark web, e-commerce / NFT marketplaces,
and more.

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State-of-the-art AI for high signal, low noise reporting

Identify the highest impact phishing attacks, counterfeits, and more with next-gen natural language & computer vision models.

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Fast takedowns & remediations

Track enforcements with an auto-generated audit trail through our no-code UI that works out of the box. Stop adversaries before they scam your customers and team.

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