Modern digital risk protection.
For trusted brands.

Detect phishing and brand cyber attacks on emerging channels.
Take them down up to 80% faster.

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Accurate reports.
Broad coverage.



Threats detected daily


URLs scanned daily


Accounts scanned daily


Apps scanned daily

Keep pace with attackers.

Extensive coverage of every digital channel

Detect phishing scams on websites, social media, mobile app stores, gaming platforms, paid ads, the dark web, digital marketplaces, and more.

State-of-the-art AI for high signal, low noise reporting

Identify the highest impact phishing attacks, counterfeits, and more with next-gen natural language & computer vision models.

Prevent multi-million dollar incidents

Track enforcements with an auto-generated audit trail through our no-code UI that works out of the box. Stop adversaries before they scam your customers and team.

In just a two-week proof-of-concept, Doppel took down about half of what our incumbent solution did in an entire year.

Zane Lackey
General Partner, Previously cofounder of Signal Sciences and CISO of Etsy

In just 6 months with Doppel we’ve identified and neutralized 900+ instances of phishing threats. We’ve partnered with Doppel for round-the-clock AI driven threat monitoring as part of our commitment to player trust and brand integrity.

Jason Brink
President of Blockchain

Awesome working with the Doppel team on tackling digital impersonation and phishing. Love their real-time Slack support and having an extension to our security ops team.

Michael Coates
CISO and VP of Engineering

Partnering with Doppel has streamlined and improved Coinbase's approach to Brand Protection, leading to the takedown of over 800 social media accounts and 1000+ fraudulent domains. Their advanced detection tools have been key in swiftly identifying and combating scammers and impersonators, enhancing the safety and trust of our platform for users.

Brett Farmer
Trust & Safety Operations

Doppel has shown exceptional proficiency in addressing impersonations of high-profile figures for social media. Their rapid response and deep knowledge in digital security are establishing a new benchmark in the realm of online brand protection.

Mark Keller
Chief Technology Officer

Doppel's customer-first approach shines through their bespoke security solutions. They've not only met our expectations but consistently exceeded them.

Security Team

Doppel has proven to be a pivotal force for Sugar23 in safeguarding the online identities of our respected high-profile executives.

Evan Sils
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Doppel is the best service provider I've worked with by far. They truly understand our business need and are always responsive. Their dedication is evident in every interaction.

Legal and Operations

Doppel enables us to put brand protection and anti-phishing security on autopilot.

Steve Krause
SVP, Deputy General Counsel

Doppel Monitor’s caretaking of the Sui community helps the ecosystem develop and expand, well-guarded against threats

Kevin Boon
Chief Legal Officer

Doppel tackled social media impersonators better than anyone we’ve seen on the market

Pascal Marsolais
Senior Lead, Trust & Safety

Powerful Real-Time AI Models

01 Scan

Scan millions of websites, social media accounts, mobile apps, paid ads, etc.

02 Categorize

Use AI to categorize brand infringement and phishing scams.

03 Remove

Automatically remove threats as they are detected.


Automated protection against external threats

Doppel's system has integrations with domains registrars, social media, app stores, digital marketplaces, dark web, and countless platforms across the Internet. This gives you comprehensive visibility and automated protection against external threats.

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