Protect your customers, company, and stakeholders from phishing impersonators. Tailored for financial institutions.


Mission-critical challenges
for cybersecurity and IP teams.


Finance is historically the most targeted industry for phishing.

27.7% of all phishing attacks occur in the finance industry. Increasingly sophisticated campaigns require increasingly sophisticated solutions

Executive Impersonation

Financial execs are easy targets on social media, SMS, and email.

Executives at financial institutions are often inactive on social media. This gives attackers a ripe opportunity to run coordinated campaigns across platforms.

Credential Theft

Access to money draws thieves looking to steal credentials.

Attackers deploy sophisticated phishing scams at a high velocity, hoping to get access to their financial accounts. This has proven to be highly lucrative.


Unlimited takedowns
with the widest surface area coverage.

Copycat websites and business email compromise are two common attack vectors for tech companies.

Phishing attackers are copying websites and typosquat domains to execute sophisticated campaigns against your customers and employees. These tactics are some of the most common ways that credentials are compromised.

Detect and neutralize fraudulent domains and emails aimed at deceiving your customers and employees. We deploy honeypots to fetch email headers for takedowns, and we have partnerships with browsers, registrars, web hosts, and crypto wallets.

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Impersonators on social media and fraudulent apps trick tech platform users with sophisticated tactics.

By mimicking your brand on various platforms, attackers deceive customers into revealing personal details or downloading malware-laden apps. These impersonators can also engage with the media and regulatory bodies, posing regulatory and physical security risks.

Identify and take down these fake profiles and applications with the latest AI language / image models. We cover both traditional and emerging channels on social media, from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to TikTok, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit. On app platforms, we track Apple, Google, Chrome and Firefox extensions as well as generic APK sites.

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Bad actors on the dark web coordinate crypto scams, distribute leaks, and operate ransomware groups.

99% of content is beyond the landing page, and 60% of content comes from sources that require authentication. Doppel’s coverage spans the darknet, chat platforms, deep web, and breach platforms to access this content.

There is a lot of noise on the dark web for financial institutions. Doppel’s AI technology supplemented with intel experts can extract the high-urgency and actionable cases from the rest of the content on Onion, I2P, Zeronet, Telegram, and Discord.

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Modern threat intel
Built to scale for evolving threats

Deploy non-traditional techniques to proactively detect the latest phishing schemes.

Source attacks from the point of contact. In addition to standard methods, we source phishing domains directly from social media, app stores, crypto exchanges, etc. with unconventional crawling algorithms.

We use honeypot accounts to source attacks in private channels like direct messages. They also draw attackers through social media notifications and phishing impersonator emails, enabling proactive detection and quicker takedowns.

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Faster takedowns require strong relationships with different layers of the stack.

Through our Silicon Valley background and high volume takedowns, we’ve built relationships with all the major players, from web registrars, hosts, and browsers to marketplaces, crypto wallets, and app platforms.

We rely on our team of cybersecurity analysts to follow up on complex cases that require back-and-forth communication with platforms to complete a takedown. We persistently follow up until the threat has been fully negated.

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Real-time Slack or other chat platform support to handle urgent escalations.

With phishing constantly evolving and now being responsible for over 90% of cybercrime, you shouldn’t have to set up a meeting to get high-urgency support. Doppel’s analysts are available 24/7 with a p90 response time of less than 5 minutes.

Our AI automation, chat bots, and analyst tooling are built for volume and velocity in mind. This enables real-time support at scale that legacy providers can’t offer.

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