Announcing $14M Series A to Protect Brands and Organizations

Disrupting cybercrime with AI-native digital risk protection and threat intelligence.
Kevin Tian
January 23, 2024

We’re excited to share that Doppel has raised a $14M Series A to continue protecting brands and organizations from external threats, including impersonation, phishing, disinformation, and counterfeiting campaigns at scale. 

The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) with several industry leaders participating. Zane Lackey, the former co-founder of Signal Sciences and CISO of Etsy, is joining our Board of Directors.

Our vision for protecting brands and consumers 

At Doppel, we are tackling one of the most urgent problems for businesses and civic organizations today – protecting digital integrity. With AI sophistication rapidly accelerating, the ability for adversaries to run advanced social engineering campaigns are greater than ever. In addition to the AI threat, more communication has shifted online than ever post-COVID and with the emergence of digital native generations.

For our team, this is the most exciting time for digital risk protection and threat intel as new technology unlocks new capabilities. Historically, it’s been a manual process to hunt for external threats, review cases, and issue takedown requests. With an increasing number of threats and platforms to cover, these operations aren’t scalable. Today, AI enables automation of these processes at a scale never seen before.

We’re excited about this new round of funding, and how it’ll enable us to scale our next-gen digital risk protection and threat intel capabilities. 

Solving Digital Risk at Scale

Digital risk is an incredibly hard problem at scale. At Doppel, we see coordinated phishing attacks leveraging deep fakes and traditional impersonation techniques across channels targeting enterprise and mid-market businesses. We also see automated bot activity generate disinformation campaigns or propagate malware across platforms. Issuing takedowns for these activities manually is a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

Our solution for tackling this problem relies on a three-pronged approach:

  1. Native integrations with as many platforms as possible. This enables true end-to-end automation of sourcing of data and remediation of the alert, whether it’s a social media platform or domain registrar. 
  2. Strategic relationships with as many platforms as possible. This enables us to proactively manage threats and surface escalations. 
  3. Leveraging the latest AI technology. This enables us to improve signal-noise ratio in detection, automate internal ops workflows for takedowns, and summarize intel on external threats at internet scale.

Today, Doppel serves enterprises across industries, including Coinbase, ARK Invest, and VSCO. This Series A is not only a big milestone for our company, but also our customers who we view as partners. Together, we defend organizations and brand reputation against these adversaries, and we have a lot more we want to build together to stay ahead in this digital arms race.

We’ll use the capital to invest in core R&D as we increase automation and intel capabilities across the dark web, social media, and paid ads channels. We’ll also invest in expanding our core ops and GTM teams.

Thank you to our team, customers, investors, and supporters!

First off to our customers, thank you. From our first users who gave us a chance, to those of you just now seeing Doppel for the first time, we know we wouldn’t be here without your trust. Your partnership and feedback is key to Doppel’s next stage as we continue to protect against cybercrime.

Second, to our Doppel team, investors, advisors, and friends, thank you. When we started Doppel in 2022 we had big ambitions, and because of you, we’re on our way to achieving them.

Looking forward to continuing to build with this community!

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