Protect your company and customers with proactive monitoring and intelligent defense against impersonation attacks.

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Anti-Phishing Protection

Digital Channels

Social Media & App Store Protection

Social media, mobile apps, and browser extensions are the most effective channels for reaching targets at scale.

Social media creates a wide surface area for attacks. They leverage fake online reputations to build trust with vulnerable targets. We cover every prominent social media channel: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and beyond.

App impersonations are potential malware, making them particularly damaging. For app platforms, we track Apple, Google, Chrome, Firefox along with a multitude of APK sites.

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MAU on new platforms (Telegram, Discord, etc.)

150% YoY

Phishing growth in past five years


social media accounts scanned daily by Doppel

Domain & Email Protection

Copycat websites and business email compromise (BEC) are increasing with phishing kits and generative AI.

Traditional phishing domains with typosquatted urls continue to steal credentials and financial assets via copycat sites and impersonator emails. In addition to public repositories, we source domains and emails from google search results, paid ads, and social media attacks.

Detect and neutralize fraudulent domains and emails aimed at deceiving your customers and employees. We deploy honeypots to fetch email headers for takedowns, and we have partnerships with browsers, registrars, web hosts, and crypto wallets.

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Cybercrime starts with phishing

106% YoY

Growth in unique phishing sites


Domains scanned daily by Doppel

Crypto & NFTs

The growing world of cryptocurrencies has become a hotbed for phishing. Even brands with no crypto offerings are exposed.

This is because (1) users have complete control over their own money and (2) transactions are irreversible.

Threats such as phishing attacks attempting to extract crypto wallet credentials, smart contract malware that can liquidate your entire account, and deceptive token offerings are on the rise. Even if your company has no direct crypto offerings, your audience is still at risk.

By analyzing all blockchain listings and forming partnerships with the most important crypto exchanges and NFT marketplaces, we’re able to detect scams in real-time and take them down faster than any other competitor.

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Stolen in crypto scams in 2022


Growth in money stolen through crypto attacks


NFTs scanned daily by Doppel

The world's most advanced anti-phishing system – using applied AI and cybersecurity expertise to outpace your attackers.


Innovative Approaches

Powerful large language and image models.

AI-powered offense requires AI-powered defense.

Generative AI models have democratized sophisticated phishing schemes. With the emergence of WormGPT and deep fake tooling, attackers are increasingly able to generate personalized campaigns at a high volume.

To counter this, Doppel deploys zero-shot learning computer vision language models to automate security analyst workflows. This enables higher signal-noise results and faster takedowns.

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Subscribers to WormGPT in just a few days


GPT-4 performance on verbal GRE


Classification accuracy with Doppel image models

Honeypot Sourcing

Honeypot accounts and emails to get attackers to reveal themselves.

Private scams are the trickiest attack vector to proactively detect, as online scrapers and APIs don’t reveal these campaigns. At the same time, they are some of the most highly effective attacks on customers, brands, and the public.

We deploy sophisticated honeypot accounts to entice these attackers. Scammers target individuals with messaging DMs, social media notifications, and personalized emails, enabling us to detect a portion of high-traffic scams that would otherwise not be found.

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Direct message attacks per year


Increase in malicious phishing emails in 2022


Cost of phishing attacks for large organizations

API Reporting

Faster takedowns at scale require in-network relationships and API integrations.

When you report a scam yourself, you’re going through the standard workflow that millions of other reports go through, requiring time to triage. Building relationships with the ecosystem enables higher trust in our reports and ultimately faster triage.

Manual reporting is always a good fallback, but API integrations with partners across registrars, hosting services, browsers, social media platforms, and crypto wallets give Doppel an edge at reporting and taking down phishing attacks more quickly at scale.

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Domain registrars in the world


Takedown time with API integration


Takedown time without API integration

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