Stop disinformation campaigns in the 2024 election

Doppel and Defending Digital Campaigns have partnered to empower campaigns to detect and takedown disinformation campaigns in the 2024 election.

AI to detect and takedown deepfakes

With the rise of generative AI threats, our electorate is being targeted across social media via disinformation campaigns. These campaigns use fake online personas and hyper-realistic fake content to spread divisive narratives and manipulate public discourse. Doppel's research has uncovered a network of over 1,000 fake online personas imitating major U.S. political candidates, suggesting a larger trend targeting elections in at least 20 countries.

By leveraging the latest in AI, Doppel automatically detects and takes down these social media threats.


Cost to launch an AI-generated campaign at scale

↑ 28%

Increase in susceptibility in falling for a cybercrime from 2022 to 2023

What’s included

All political campaigns can get free access to Doppel through the end of year.

10 social accounts

Find and takedown impersonators across social media platforms.

Platforms include X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord.

100 takedowns/month

Takedown deepfake content and impersonating accounts.

Doppel will automatically capture evidence and reporting history across platforms as a permanent repository of disinformation and impersonator data.

1:1 onboarding

Personalized onboarding with customer success.

Get unmatched speed and service for keeping your campaign safe. Report infringements directly to our team through Slack, Discord, Teams, or email.

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Keep pace with attackers.

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Extensive coverage of every digital channel

Detect phishing scams on websites, social media, mobile app stores, gaming platforms, paid ads, the dark web, e-commerce / NFT marketplaces,
and more.

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State-of-the-art AI for high signal, low noise reporting

Identify the highest impact phishing attacks, counterfeits, and more with next-gen natural language & computer vision models.

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Fast takedowns & remediations

Track enforcements with an auto-generated audit trail through our no-code UI that works out of the box. Stop adversaries before they scam your customers and team.